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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common inquiries and concerns. Click the question to see the answer.

What should you do if you see a crime occurring?
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Be observant and make mental notes.
  • Are there any weapons involved?
  • What is the address?
  • Any physical traits such as height, weight, race, beard, or scars.
  • Any clothing description.
  • How many people involved?
  • Are the persons involved on foot or in a vehicle?
What can I expect during a traffic stop?
  • The Officer may activate red lights, horn/siren to gain your attention
  • Additional officers may arrive as back-up
  • Officers will state their name/department and advise you why you are being stopped
  • Officer will request your license, insurance ID card and registration
  • Officer may search your vehicle if (1) you cannot produce proof of ownership or registration for the vehicle, (2) probable cause exists that your vehicle contains evidence of a crime or illegal materials, (3) you are arrested or your vehicle is impounded
  • Officer may issue a traffic summons
  • Motorists can expect to be treated fairly, courteously and in a professional manner
What can a police officer expect during a traffic stop?
  • Driver should safely operate a vehicle to right side of roadway and stop
  • Driver/occupants should keep hands in plain view and stay in car unless told otherwise
  • Driver should have license, registration and insurance card ready for the officer
  • Driver should not make any sudden movements. Advise officer if you need to enter your glove compartment to retrieve your license, registration or insurance card
  • Driver should not debate the issuance of a summons on the highway; any disputes will be settled in court


Do I have to give my name when reporting suspicious activities?

While providing your name is not a requirement, such information is critical to the police department when they are following up on the suspicious behavior. It is also an opportunity for the police department, when appropriate, to provide you with follow up information regarding the reported behavior. However, you are not required to provide your name.

The Phillipsburg Police Department also provides an opportunity for citizens to report information that is not an emergency by texting information anonymously to the police. Text the keyword TIPPD and your message to tip411 (877411).

As always, emergency information should be provided to the police department by dialing 9-1-1.

How can I pay a ticket?

The details of paying your ticket/summons can be obtained by reading the back of the ticket. You may send in your fine by mail according to the instructions on your citation. In addition, you can pay your ticket in person at 675 Corliss Avenue, Phillipsburg, Second Floor. This in-person transaction can be completed Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. You can pay by credit card, check, money order, or cash. No debit cards are accepted.

How do I obtain an accident report?

In order to obtain an accident report, you can visit the Records Department at the Phillipsburg Municipal Building Police Department located at 675 Corliss Avenue in Phillipsburg. You will be charged $3.00 for the first three pages and one dollar for each additional page. You may also obtain an accident report by filing a request in writing. If you would like to obtain an accident report by mail, submit a check for $5 to the Town of Phillipsburg with the information pertaining to the accident report (name, date and location of the accident) included on the request. The report will be mailed promptly to the address provided.

What do I do if I get a ticket and I don’t agree with the citation?

If you are pleading not guilty, you must notify the courts in writing. If ‘court appearance required’ is checked on the summons, you must attend court on the date and time specified and failure to do so may end in a warrant for your arrest.

You may also contact the Court by telephone by calling 908-454-3211.

How do I apply for a firearms ID card?

You may apply for a firearms ID by visiting Police Headquarters, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm and obtaining the firearms application packet. Once you complete the firearms application and related forms, return the packet with proper identification and the appropriate fee.

Individuals can expect a wait time of 6-8 weeks once the completed paperwork has been submitted.

How can I report that a street lamp's out?

If you notice a street lamp is out, please contact JCP&L at +1 (888) 544-4877. Or, you can report this information to the Warren County dispatch by contacting (908) 454-1121.

When can I have my fingerprints taken?

The State of New Jersey, Division of State Police, Criminal Information Unit provides criminal history record background checks to any individual requesting a copy of her/his own record. In addition to criminal history record background checks, you may also request background checks for non-criminal justice licensing or employment. Additional information and the required forms can be obtained by clicking here.

Or, if you live or work in the Town of Phillipsburg and require fingerprints for employment purposes, you must pay a $25 fee. The fee can be paid by cash, check or money order. Fingerprints can be obtained Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm at the Police Department located at 675 Corliss Avenue in Phillipsburg. No appointment is necessary.

Is the Phillipsburg Police Department hiring?

The Phillipsburg Police Department lists all open positions through the NJ Civil Service Commission. You can review job listings by clicking here.

Who do I call to ask about someone who has been arrested?

Call (908) 454-1121 for more information.

How can I let someone know that an officer did a good job?

The police department appreciates feedback on an officer’s conduct. You can email or send a letter to:

Chief James Faulborn
Phillipsburg Police Department
675 Corliss Avenue
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865.

What is Tip411?

Tip411 is a texting and web based notification system which allows the public to text a completely anonymous tip to police and allows the police to respond back creating a two-way anonymous chat.

Tip411 is reserved exclusively for public safety and is part of a program by Citizen Observer that operates in 27 states. To participate, text TIPPPD and the tip to 847411. Standard rates apply. The tipster’s identity is encrypted and given a code number before any information is sent to police. The tipster can also use the code number to text back and forth with police and maintain anonymity. This program does not replace 911. It’s easy to participate and is completely anonymous. Simply text TIPPPD and then the tip to 847411.

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